The Rosetta Universe® unites donors and advocates to empower generations globally through the ancient wisdom and problem-solving legacy of the iconic Rosetta Stone.

101 Objects That Changed the World

ROSETTA STONE is #3 on the LIST: In 2013, the History Channel assembled a panel of subject matter experts (SMEs), assigned with the task of identifying the top 101 Objects That Changed the World for a TV special bearing the same name.Out of all the world-changing objects imaginable — wheel, automobile, airplane, computer — the History Channel listed the Rosetta Stone as #3, behind the Bible (#1) and Coinage (#2).

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The Rosetta Universe® is transforming this ancient artifact
— the Rosetta Stone —
into a modern metaphor for critical thinking and problem-solving.

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The Rosetta Stone. Three inscriptions chiseled on its face in 196 BC and then performed a disappearing act for close to 2,000 years.Unearthed in 1799 on the west bank of the Nile by French soldiers, this 1,700 pound fragment of an ancient slab gave up clues that ultimately cracked the code to hieroglyphics some 23 years later in 1822 — unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.The Rosetta Stone is much more than a roughly gouged, nicked rock that appears like it was shoved down the side of a mountain. This iconic rock is the key to understanding an ancient civilization and a modern symbol of human discovery, innovation, language, culture, and scholarship.Hence the Rosetta Universe®


1. Rosetta Universe® Orchestral Jingle
2. What If? (gateway video)
3. WHY the Rosetta Stone Project?
4. ROCKSTAR (music video)
5. The Key (music video)
6. ROSETTA CLONE® (music video)
7. Rosetta Stone Story (presentation)
8. Barbados Museum: Rosetta Stone Project presentation
9. Case For Support (12-page digital)
10. Replicating a Mystery (short film)
11. Celebrity “Look Alike” Performer
12. American Alliance of Museums (Baltimore)
13. Freeman Institute Rosetta Stone Collection
14. Rutgers University (Harlem Book Fair)

Rosetta Universe®
Orchestral Jingle

An ancient stone we can't ignore.
Serves as a modern metaphor,
For cracking codes in 7 steps.
Problem-solving is less complex.

What If?

2. What If? (2 min) — Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit gateway video, with Herman Veal providing the voice.

WHY the Rosetta Stone Project?

3. American author, Robert Greene, connects with a part of “why” we are launching the Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit project (1 min).


4. The ROCKSTAR music video (4 min) tells the sweeping historical drama surrounding the Rosetta Stone (lyrics and performance by MRK SX).

The Key

5. The Key (4 min) is a music video about the ROSETTA 7-Step Problem-Solving Process®, developed exclusively for the Mysterious Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit project by Dr. Joel A. Freeman (lyrics and performance by MRK SX).


6. ROSETTA CLONE® (3:30): International Rock Star & Celebrity Impersonator. The Rosetta Clone® will function as a kid-friendly, “K to Gray” guide to many elements of the exhibition.He likes to sing songs like:
A Clone Again, Naturally
Tears of a Clone
One is the Cloneliest Number
Since the Beatles rock group is by most standards the most famous, the song has a Sergeant Pepper’s album vibe to it (lyrics and performance by MRK SX).

The Rosetta Stone Story

7. Dr. Joel Freeman presents the fascinating historical drama surrounding the iconic Rosetta Stone through the lens of the ROSETTA 7-Step Problem-Solving® process (25 min). Here are the headlines:R• Recognize the problem
O• Obtain information
S• Specify goals
E• Evaluate options
T• Test solutions
T• Take action
A• Assess the results
Once you have determined your "WHY" as a can bear any who, what, when, where, and how.

Barbados Museum: “Rosetta Stone Project”

8. In this video (31 min), Dr. Joel A. Freeman presents an overview, at 30,000 feet, of the Rosetta Stone project in the Walled Garden Theatre at the Barbados Museum in Barbados.

Case For Support

“Case For Support”

9. Here’s the digital version of the 12-page Case For Support. You’ll be taken to a new web page (best reviewed on laptop or desktop screen). Contact Dr. Freeman (410.991.9718) if you want a paper copy of this document snail-mailed to you.

Replicating a Mystery (short film)

10. A short film (13:45), created in 2012 by The Freeman Institute® Foundation, helps viewers understand the historical & contemporary significance of the famous Rosetta Stone and to learn about the Rosetta Stone Project.• What is the Rosetta Stone?
• Why is it such an internationally influential artifact?
• How and where was it unearthed?
• Why was it important to crack the code to hieroglyphics?
The answer to these questions will help anyone understand the impact the Rosetta Stone has had upon various aspects of life: cryptology, geology, linguistics, language translations, mathematics, science and IT security.

Celebrity “Look Alike” Performer

11. A "whiteboard" video (90 sec), created in 2013, with the Rosetta Stone replica portrayed as the Rosetta Clone® -- a celebrity impersonator (Voice talent, Matthew Wade).

American Alliance of Museums Expo (Baltimore)

12. In this brief video (1:50, no audio), Joel Freeman is at the American Alliance of Museums EXPO (2015, in the booth with Guide By Cell) at the Baltimore Convention Center exhibiting one of his Rosetta Stone replicas.This Rosetta Stone exhibit was a huge hit with the 5000+ curators and other museum professionals in attendance!!!The Classic Rosetta model is 1:1, full-size and 3D -- approx 45" tall x 30" wide x 11" thick...100lbs. Made of resin and filled with high density foam.

Rosetta Stone Collection

13. In this video, Joel Freeman is on a Canadian TV program (2013) providing an overview of some of the historic pieces from his Rosetta Stone History Collection, which is currently made up of over 300 genuine documents, paintings, and artifacts, such as:• Camel saddle from the Napoleonic Egyptian Military Campaign.
• 195 large folio pages from Description de l’Egypte.
• Handwritten letters from some of the French savants.
• 60 first edition books from mid 1500s to early 1900s.
• Coins from early to mid 1800s.

Rutgers University (Harlem Book Fair)

14. In this video Joel Freeman is at the Harlem Book Fair in 2011 (Rutgers University, Newark, NJ) with one of his Rosetta Stone replicas -- talking about the historical and contemporary significance of the famous Rosetta Stone. Brief video. The 90 second clip included in this video was shot by Troy Johnson from AALBC.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

ADVISORY BOARD Smokey Robinson, Eli Shukron, Cathy Hughes, Dr. Sir Trevor Carmichael, Dr. Ben Carson, Jonathan Downs, Jason Swanston, Dr. Walter Milton, Adrian Douen, Jimmy LaRose, and Dr. Gilbert Rochon (enlarge image to read bios).BOARD OF DIRECTORS
President: Dr. Joel A. Freeman
Vice President: Dick Eagan
Treasurer: Ted Squires
Secretary: Carlton Reed


1. LOYOLA MAGAZINE: Living History
2. INSIDE CHARITY: Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit
3. NATIONAL MUSEUM of LANGUAGE: Interview with Dr. Joel A. Freeman
4. PRESS RELEASE (2022): Unveiling of previously unknown oil painting of Jean Francois Champollion
5. PRESS RELEASE (2009): Announcing launch of the Rosetta Stone Project
1. LOYOLA MAGAZINE (enlarge)

Loyola Magazine
Freeman Institute Foundation

2. INSIDE CHARITY: Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit (click on image above to read article).

Dr. Joel A. Freeman

3. NATIONAL MUSEUM of LANGUAGE: Interview with Dr. Joel Freeman (click on image above to read interview).

Jean Francois Champollion

4. PRESS RELEASE (2022): Announcing the acquisition of a previously unknown oil portrait of Jean Francois Champollion on 200th anniversary of the code to hieroglyphics being cracked. This rare oil painting is part of the Freeman Institute® Rosetta Stone Collection (click on image above to read press release).

Dr. Joel A. Freeman

5. PRESS RELEASE (2009): Announcing the launch of the Rosetta Stone Project (click on image above to read press release).


1. Oil painting of unearthing of Rosetta Stone
2. Library of Congress launch
3. Development of mold for replica
4. Houston Museum of Natural Science
5. National Museum of World Writing (Incheon, S. Korea)
6. Night At The Museum 3
7. First concept design of the Rosetta Universe® Metaverse exhibition
8. World's first 3D digital image
9. National Security Agency (Language Wars)
10. Marine Corp Intelligence Award
11. Famous artifact: British Museum
12. Rosetta University®

Unearthing of the Rosetta Stone

1. Oil painting of the unearthing of the Rosetta Stone on the west bank of the Nile by French soldiers in 1799 (commissioned by Dr. Freeman).

Library of Congress
Library of Congress
Library of Congress

2. On October 14, 2009, Dr. Freeman officially launched the Rosetta Stone Project at the Library of Congress (DC) — an event attended by experts in hieroglyphics and Egyptology (enlarge to better read LOC announcement).

Replicas of the Rosetta Stone

3. In 2006, Dr. Freeman created the full size, 1:1, 3D mold that provides replicas for museums and for private libraries. It is the world’s first replica available for everyday people (individually hand crafted by Mannetron, Battle Creek, MI).

Houston Museum of Natural Science

4. One of Dr. Freeman’s full size, 1:1 replicas is on permanent exhibit in the Hall of Ancient Egypt at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Rosetta Stone replica in S. Korea

5. One of Dr. Freeman's full-size, 1:1, 3D Rosetta Stone replicas is showcased in a permanent exhibit in Incheon, S. Korea at the National Museum of World Writing, which opened in 2023.

Night At The Museum 3

6. One of Dr. Freeman’s full size Rosetta Stone replicas was on the Vancouver, BC movie set of Night At The Museum 3 (2013), which was one of the last movies starring Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, and other actors.

Rosetta Universe Exhibition on Metaverse

7. First draft concept of the Rosetta Universe exhibition to be digitally designed for the Metaverse (by Jason Swanston).

Digital 3D image of the Rosetta Stone

8. World’s first 3D digitalized image of the Rosetta Stone was created by “Direct Dimensions” in 2008, by doing a high resolution 3D scan of Dr. Freeman's full size, 1:1 replica.


9. Dr. Freeman was selected in 2014 to be the keynote speaker at the Joint Language Wars at the NSA headquarters (Fort Meade), attended by the top linguists representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.He has also presented at a number of other symposiums at the National Security Agency.

Marine Corp Intelligence Award

10. Two tiers of Rosetta Stone awards (right side of table), given annually to the the two top linguists of Marine Corp Intelligence. Dr. Freeman’s replica was used as the template for the mold designed for this award, funded by Google.

Rosetta Stone

11. The original Rosetta Stone is housed in London at the British Museum and is considered by many experts to be one of the most important archaeological artifacts unearthed in the last three centuries -- arguably the #1 exhibit of the entire British Museum.

Rosetta University

12. Rosetta University® is designed to help people become certified Solutionists®. Imagine a segment of our current and next generation trained in the development of critical thinking skills to look for solutions when confronted by personal problems, along with systemic problems they encounter in their respective spheres of influence.The ROSETTA 7-Step Problem-Solving® curriculum, utilized by the Rosetta University®, is designed to be the centerpiece of the entire project.The ROSETTA 7-Step Problem-Solving® Process (headlines):R• Recognize the problem
O• Obtain information
S• Specify goals
E• Evaluate options
T• Test solutions
T• Take action
A• Assess the results


Dr. Joel A. Freeman

Dr. Freeman is available to speak at your organization about the epic drama surrounding the iconic Rosetta Stone, along with the ROSETTA 7-Step Problem-Solving® process he has developed.
Call Dr. Freeman with any ideas, wisdom, connections, and advice.

Freeman Institute Foundation
Freeman Institute Foundation

South Carolina-based
501(c)3 nonprofit organization
EIN: 88-1394851

Freeman Institute Foundation

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